S. L. Minda Memorial Sports Academy is a project of Moga Devi Minda Memorial School, Bagla, Hisar.

1. To promote sports activities especially in the rural area.
2. To nurture sportsperson and sportsmanship, especially in rural area.
3. To achieve excellence in sports and to help sportspersons reach highest level of sportsmanship including national and international levels.
4. To encourage participation of school students in sports and games.
5. To organize and supervise sports competitions, prize money competitions, camps, seminars and other events connected with sports.
6. To participate in the various sports events conducted at local, regional, state, national and international level by various schools, sports organizations including SAI and CBSE, etc.
7. To organize, recognize, regulate, assist and conduct functions, exhibitions, displays and competitions in sports.
8. To perform all such other acts as may be necessary for the Academy to function for the attainment of its aim and objectives.


1. Any student/person above the age of 8 years may apply for sports membership in the desired format provided by the Academy. However, such applications by children below 18 years will be submitted along with an undertaking by the parents/guardians of such applicant.
2. Every student/person will have to provide age and residence proof along with a medical fitness certificate from a qualified and registered Medical Doctor.
3. The applicant should provide 5 passport size photographs along with the application.
4. Sports person/student/member will be required to be in the prescribed sports uniform. Sports wear, sports kit will be the responsibility of the student/member.
5. Mere Sports Membership to the Sports Academy does not provide any right to a member to participate in any competition.
6. Members have to attend the Sports Academy regularly at such time as may be prescribed from time to time.
7. Students/members of the sports academy will arrange for their own conveyance.
8. Students/members not following the rules and regulations may attract disciplinary proceedings including cancellation of membership and fine.
9. Any deliberate damage caused to Sports equipment, aids, infrastructure and its facilities may attract disciplinary proceedings including cancellation of membership.
10. In case of any injury during sports, practice session or sports competition only First Aid Facilities will be provided at the Sports Academy.
11. The SLMM Sports Academy, Organising Committee, office staff, coach or any members of the Committee or Sub-committee will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, accident caused either during sports activities, practice session or sports competition etc. to any sports person/member. The SLMMSA will not be responsible for any medical treatment expenses or other ancillary expenses.
Following Sports/Games are provided at the SLMMSA:
1. Athletics
2. Volleyball
3. Basketball
4. Table Tennis
5. Taekwondo
6. Boxing
7. Wushu
8. Wrestling
9. Kabbadi
10. Kickboxing

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