Principal's Message

The creative capacity of the brain may be for all practical purpose infinite. The goal of education is to let this infinite potential blossom into fullness. The school and the home are engaged in this sacred task. Moga Devi Minda Memorial School is fully committed to it and will strive hard to transform the child into miracle that god has intended him to be.

We believe that the whole of him/her is a miracle waiting to blaze into glory. We believe in the miracle of his body, his intellect, his aesthetic self, his heart, and his soul. The driver to actualize oneself is an essential characteristic of man.

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred”. He has to develop to the full astounding powers of the body, strength, ability, grace and power. His intellect has to probe, analyze, synthesize and judge. His aesthetic self has to appreciate the beautiful and to create the beautiful. His heart has to be open to the Heaven that is in him and around him. Education is the education of the whole man. Every child is multifaceted marvel waiting to unfold in glory. What the school tells every child is “Go become all that you can become” and that is what every parent should be telling his child.

Every child is genetically genius. The task of education is to awaken the child to his genius. The school should provide the stage for research and discovering thought and synthesis, research and creation. Moga Devi Minda Memorial School is determined to assist the child in his adventure to unfold his genius.

                Dr. Mathew Varghese