Minda Orkids (Kindergarten)

Minda orkids, the pre – primary wing of the school establishes the need to recognize the child as a natural learner. The pre- primary stage, being the foundation of every child’s basic education, focuses on this child – centered pedagogy. The children actively construct their own knowledge of language, environmental studies and number work on the basis of materials and activities presented to them. Concrete material, contextualized examples, story telling, interactive discussions, observations, project work, demonstrations, audio-visual aid, excursions, all find place in the teaching learning process. The school provides its students opportunities to question, enquire, reflect and arrive at concepts and create new ideas.
Focusing on the all round personality development of its students a lot of emphasis is given to the creative arts and physical education through music, dance, art and craft. In fact Minda orkids is extremely cozy and welcoming. The affectionate and complaisant teachers make the learners feel at home.